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Many of you knew Dustin Hawkins as a coach at CFTC. Dustin had a vision and he took a huge risk in his life to start his own program doing amazing things for people. If you know of anybody in need of some help, please pass on the info.


The Charitable Way
When I first started this WAR program, I realized that the majority of the people I was looking to help were under some sort of financial strain due to their disease. When I presented the idea to my close friends and family, their major concern was always the same – “Sounds like a great program, but how are you going to make money?”
The money concern never really affected me because my focus has always been on helping people see a new way of life; and at the time I had a full time job at The Huntsman Cancer Institute where I had great benefits, and a comfortable salary; and since I was doing the WAR program just at night, money was of no concern; I just wanted to change peoples lives.
As time progressed, and I started seeing my program change peoples lives, something started happening to me. My whole mind frame shifted towards WAR, and less and less towards my career at Huntsman. I remember visiting the Huntsman Cancer Foundation office one day; it was a few months prior to my resignation. I had a meeting scheduled to discuss some fundraising specifics for the particular program that I was in charge of. As I sat and waited for my meeting, my thoughts were directed towards John Huntsman, and the amazing man that he truly is. I started thinking that I wanted to be a Philanthropist just like him; and that I wanted to make a difference in this world – just like he has. I remember walking around the HCI Foundation office prior to my meeting and looking at all of the different memorabilia and awards scattered throughout the building. These awards showed John Huntsman’s positive contribution on this world, and how he has made a difference for good. This experience changed my perspective as of to what it was I needed to do with WAR.
I then realized that I needed to become a Non-Profit organization; I needed to become a charity. A month later I gave my notice at Huntsman, and took the biggest risk of my life.
The disease of addiction has become a pandemic in our world. Families are being scattered and ripped apart. Families are thrown into financial turmoil even when just one member of the family is struck by the disease. A family member of my own as of recently has gone into treatment, and the cost of the 30 day program was $15,000 dollars, which had to be paid in full prior to starting the program. Our whole family, immediate and distant, had to pull together and find a way to come up with the funds. The rehab seemed to work for a time, however no real lifestyle change was promoted in those 30 days, therefore 2 weeks after getting out of the rehab bubble – it was as if nothing had changed.
I’m not knocking rehab, because I think rehab is good. What I am saying is that $15,000 dollars is a lot of money to be spent on something where there is no act of doing. When I say act of doing, I mean action based learning, where participants learn a new healthy lifestyle. It makes sense right? The addicted person isn’t just going to be un-addicted in 30 days time because they went into a bubble, sat in a circle, and had group therapy three to four times a day. Wouldn’t it make sense that the addicted person needs to find a new way to fill the void that drugs and alcohol once used to fill? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to get their natural endorphins going through physical activity, while at the same time teaching them how to fuel themselves properly through various nutritional concepts? Now instead of putting unhealthy substances into their body, which is something they’ve only known; they are now learning how to put healthy substances into their body. Now they are cautious about what they put into their body, as apposed to their old way of thinking and doing.
I’m thankful for John Huntsman’s inspiration. I’m thankful for The Huntsman Cancer Institutes inspiration, for without them the WAR program wouldn’t be going in the incredible direction that it’s going. I believe that every experience that I’ve had thus far in my life, including addiction, has led me to where I’m at now with this WAR program.
I’m not sure what the future holds, but what I do no is this: The WAR program works, and is going to continue to work. I’ve already watched it put families back together. I’ve already watched it put individuals back together. I’ve already watched it create a healthier community. This WAR program truly is the new approach to conquering addiction.
Please help me spread the word about this incredible program. Everybody knows someone that has been affected by this horrible disease – spread the word. If you or someone you might know wants to help through volunteer work, or even donations, please contact me. We are looking for someone who has the philanthropist mind; and who can see the value that a program such as this brings to a community. We are looking for someone who obtains the gift of charity. We are looking for someone that has the financial resources to really help us take this program where it needs to go.
I’m confident in all that I say concerning this WAR program. It deserves to have the best of all resources available, and even more. This program works. Please email me if you are interested in helping.
Dustin Hawkins
WAR Founder


Everyone’s been asking for it, now its here “The Clean Eating Challenge”!  Click here for details.

Happy Birthday Joni, you thought we forgot!  This WOD’s for you. (you can find out what the workout is tomorrow)



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  1. Lindsay ? Will you explain the protein supplement? I know many of us use a whey protein supplement after a workout. Is this an exception to the drop in a point for whey protein? Just not completely clear ! Thanks for all you do!!!

  2. Every morning I drink a Plant Protein Powder that includes pea, hemp, and rice protein with chia seed. Also Barley grass and juice, spirulina, wheat grass, chlorella, alfalfa, beets, & broccoli. Would this be ok? Also are nut milks ok?

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