Sat 05/19/12 WOD

Good Luck today to all our runners participating in the Ogden Half and Full Marathon today.   The day I watch my wife at the St. George Marathon and saw all the men runners coming in looking like death and bloody nipples, is the day I knew running a Marathon will never be on my to do list.  I share the same feelings as Rudy at Outlaw Crossfit feels, do not read on  if you are offended by explicit language.

How many of you guys have run a marathon?

If you answered in the affirmative to the above question, go ahead and take your left shoe off, do some mobility work, then kick yourself squarely in the nuts. It’s not that I hate running, it’s that I hate YOU for running 26 miles. You wanna know something funny? I ran a marathon once. You wanna know how I did? Who gives a fuck. I got arthritis in my big toe while doing it—not kidding. ARTH-fucking-RITIS.

I also got weaker, skinnier (weak is the new skinny, right?), and mostly hated every second of my life while I was training. The weird thing is that every year MILLIONS of people sign up for marathons thinking that if they self-flagellate for FOUR FUCKING HOURS (that’s if you’re as fit as Oprah of course) they’ll achieve some higher level of fitness conscience. The reality is that all they’ll receive is some sort of a long term injury, a flatter ass, and a medal that says you finished… ‘Cause evidently FINISHING something as stupid as running for an entire day is good.



In teams of 2 complete

3 Rounds for time of:

100 Double Unders

80 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups-20/15

60 Goblet Squats-35/26

40 Pull-ups



05/18/12 WOD Results




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5 thoughts on “Sat 05/19/12 WOD

  1. I did four training runs outside of crossfit to prepare for the race and I bested last years time by 6 minutes! With an average mile time of 6:54. Thank You Crossfit!

  2. Ditto what Kevin said, other than I did 1. 1-3 Mile run outside CrossFit. Now I’m not saying that was smart, in fact its probably quite stupid. But I made it! Now you probably won’t see me this week. I’m certain I won’t be able to move tomorrow, along with the rest the nuts. Kurt, Blake and chase, dirk and trudy, blake and Morgan Justin and Keylee to name a few. I’m certain they trained like I did.

  3. I did zero running outside of CrossFit and mowed my lawn in record time yesterday. Yep, it’s working!

    Great job to all those who ran!

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