Sat 8/11/2012

Happy Birthday Jerilyn!!!

In Teams of 2 complete for time:
50 Burpee Pull-ups
30 Toes to Bar
10 Squat Cleans- 205/135 (scale go as heavy as possible, only 5 reps each!)
30 Slapping Push-ups- slap chest at the top of the push-up
50 Hurdle Hops-30/24
100 Partner Wall Balls-20/15 (partners stand shoulder to shoulder, shoot to mark and pass to partner, perform 100 total)


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5 thoughts on “Sat 8/11/2012

  1. Don’t let Cathy’s kind birthday wishes fool you. She will battle for the title of best snatch.

    Hope you have a Happy birthday Jer!
    Thanks for always being my weight lifting woman. You know what I’m sayin’

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