(June-August 2017)


5am- Crossfit        4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit        5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit        6:15pm Crossfit

9am-  Crossfit

10am- Crossfit/*Total Body


5am- Crossfit       3pm- *KidFit    

6am- Crossfit       4:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit      5:15pm- Crossfit/Club Strike  

9am Crossfit       6:15pm- Crossfit

10am *Club Strike

10am- *KidFit


5am- Crossfit      4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit      5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit      6:15pm- Crossfit

9am- Crossfit

10am- Crossfit/Total Body


6am- Club Strike     3pm- KidFit

9am- Club Strike     5:15pm- Club Strike

10am- KidFit


5am- Crossfit         4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit         5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit

9am- Crossfit

10am- Crossfit/Total Body


7:30am- Crossfit

8:30am- Crossfit

9:30am- Crossfit

Class Descriptions:

Crossfit– to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results.  Crossfit prepares trainees for any physical contingency-not only for the unknown but for the unknowable too.  Our specialty is not specializing.

Total Body- is a version of crossfit, it is by no means and easy class.  You will get a variety of workouts utilizing bodyweight, kettlebells, med balls, plyo boxes, rowers and bikes.  There is no complex movements or barbell exercises in this class.  This class is meant for the beginner and experienced athlete alike.  This class is great for people wanting a fast paced cardio-burn!

Club Strike- participants will be taught basic striking concepts of mixed martial arts, boxing and self protection.  Striking movements will be incorporated into crossfit workouts so that overall fitness, core strength and rotational power can be increased.

KidFit- is a way to teach the concepts of crossfit to children ages 8-15 years old.  Based on the principles of mechanics consistency and then intensity.  KidFit emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence.