(Oct-Dec 2017)


5am- Crossfit           4:15pm- Crossfit                      

6am- Crossfit            5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit            6:15pm Crossfit

9am-  Crossfit

10am- Crossfit


5am- Crossfit              4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit              5:15pm- Crossfit 

7am- Crossfit               6:15pm Crossfit

9am- Crossfit               

10am- Crossfit/*GoldenFit


5am- Crossfit          4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit           5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit           6:15pm- Crossfit

9am- Crossfit

10am- Crossfit


6am- Crossfit/Club Strike         

9am- Crossfit/Club Strike 

10am- Crossfit/*Golden Fit 

5:15pm- Gymnastics (class will go in cycles, be sure to check sugarWOD for updates)


5am- Crossfit         4:15pm- Crossfit

6am- Crossfit         5:15pm- Crossfit

7am- Crossfit

9am- Crossfit

10am- Crossfit


7:30am- Crossfit

8:30am- Crossfit

9:30am- Crossfit

Class Descriptions:

Crossfit– to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness supported by measurable, observable and repeatable results.  Crossfit prepares trainees for any physical contingency-not only for the unknown but for the unknowable too.  Our specialty is not specializing.

Club Strike- participants will be taught basic striking concepts of mixed martial arts, boxing and self protection.  Striking movements will be incorporated into crossfit workouts so that overall fitness, core strength and rotational power can be increased.

Golden Fit- don’t let age dictate what you can do!  Become functionally stronger, increase your fitness level and mobility.  Learn to prevent and work around injuries.  A good fitness routine can have dramatic effect on health and your quality of life.

Gymnastics- share information on how to improve your gymnastics and body weight movements and to become the most well rounded athlete.