Success Stories


I cannot thank you enough for CrossFit. When I first started CrossFit I weighed 196 pounds and was 19.5% body fat. 90 days later I was 180 and 14.5% body fat. Incredible! I worked out in the gym using free weights for 2 years and was a good size guy and figured that is what I need to keep doing to get where I wanted to be in fitness… A body builder. Then you approached me to come and do CrossFit and my response was “No, I want to bulk up and not lose weight.” Well, all I had to do was look at how buff you were and realize what CrossFit would do. Unfortunately it was 9 months later when I finally listened to you! In the beginning, I actually hated it. During and after my first CrossFit workout I could not stop saying over and over again in my mind, “These people are crazy. Nobody should workout this hard!” It also did not help that I could not move for the first two weeks. I was SO sore! But, I kept coming back and back to the workouts each day and I can honestly say I am addicted to the pain and exhaustion that occurs each day. I love it! I was concerned my lower back was going to give me issues because of the exercises (I had a bad back), but CrossFit has actually strengthened my lower back to where I have NO pain at all… Amazing. CrossFit is achieving EXACTLY what I want to do to gain muscle while at the same time keep the body fat low. Very, very hard to do in the “gym”. I never could achieve this in the “gym” and never did! To all those “muscle heads” that think the gym is the only way to get in shape, please know that you are completely wrong. CrossFit is where it’s at!


I’ve been involved in sports and athletics my entire life. Football is and always will be one of my favorites. I played for Utah State as well as five seasons in the AFL and loved every minute of it. Living life to it’s fullest can sometimes come with a price. After 8 knee surgery’s and high blood pressure, it was time for a change. CrossFit is the only way this was all possible.

I believed in it so much that I opened my own CrossFit affiliate in South Ogden Utah, CrossFit The Club. I am the owner and head trainer, and want nothing more than to improve peoples lives by showing them what CrossFit can do for you.


CrossFit for me isn’t just a workout but a lifestyle. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 7 months and have lost close to 60 lbs. When I first started I was looking for a way to loose all my weight and gain some confidence. The CrossFit program really helped me achieve those goals, not only from the support of my fellow CrossFit coaches but with my fellow CrossFitters! The Paleo Diet has really turned my life around, the way of eating has really increased the progress of my transformation. It mentally shaped me and the future me. There is such a gratifying feeling when achieving a new movement or lift, and helping a fellow CrossFitter do the same.  I will forever be CrossFit strong. I absolutely love CrossFit The Club! It’s so welcoming. This truly has changed my life and my future!