The Dark Place


by Ryan Moody

“While walking home from a long day of, doing whatever it is that we do on a daily basis, we notice the sun has begun to drop behind the horizon and soon enough it will be dark.  On the walk home we come across a shortcut.  As we gaze upon our optional route home, we become a bit weary.  The shortcut is an un-lit and potentially hazardous pathway.  We now have a decision to make as we stand at the divide. 1. Take usual long route home and avoid all the potential obstacles of the dark shortcut. 2. Get home faster by traveling the dark route and prepare ourselves for the “unknown”.

In the real world, it is safer and more logical to avoid the dark shortcut.  It simply makes sense.  What if we take this analogy and apply it to our fitness training.  It is my belief and opinion that even in our workouts we often choose the “easy” way out.  The moment we are forced with adversity, or a weakness in movement makes itself known mid workout, we tend to take the long route home.  When all we have to do is put our head down, turn our minds OFF, and plow forward.  Obviously I am not condoning a decrease in range of motion or improper technique and form to finish the workout faster.  No, rather I am asking you if you know when you are standing at the edge of your “dark place”?  There is no straightforward definition of the “dark place” mind you.  The dark place is different for each of us.  The range has no stationary variable:

-a movement we hate

-a workout we suck at

-a high rep scheme

-a challenging weight

-a long run

-a mental fatigue


-the clock
… and the list goes on …

What is your “Dark Place”? Can you recognize it when it approaches?  I usher you to avoid shying away from your dark place when it starts to stare you in face.  Instead, go into your training with the mentality that you look forward to the confrontation.  Positive affirmations are key during these moments.  Not only will they help you to go into the workout mentally prepared, but it will also provide you with the positive light you need to navigate the dark place safely and efficiently.  

Knowledge is often said to be “power”.  I agree with this notion, I also know that “belief” is power.  What would you say if I told you that your trainer/coach believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself?  On the flip side, what if you DID believe in yourself more often than not?  2 against 1 sounds more efficient than 1 against 2, wouldn’t you agree?

  Point is; when you use affirmations to prepare yourself for the “dark place” confrontation you are 100x more prepared for battle. Putting you one giant step closer to finishing the workout and getting “home” sooner.  You have the tools.  It’s a start … apply it and go find your “dark place”.  As for me, I’m off to go “LIGHT UP” mine.”

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