First ever, battle of the Ogden Boxes!

When:  Friday March 24th

For: Open Workout 17.5

Where: Crossfit The Club located at 1221 E. 5800 S. Ogden, UT

Time:  5:15 p.m.

Think your box has the best athletes around?  Well here’s your chance to prove it. Crossfit The Club is declaring war on all the local boxes. We want to see who’s the best and just have some fun. So gather up all your athletes to form a group of at least 8, and up to 16.  

How will this work?

Your box  will compete as a group. Because the group sizes will vary, each individual score will be counted and averaged out for a total group score. For example if your group has 9 individuals, their individual scores will be combined and then divided by 9 to get an average total for the group. The box with the highest average total will be declared the WINNERS!!  

What do you win?

Only bragging rights and a super cool trophy to display at your box! Our hope is that this tradition will continue. Not just only during the Open, but throughout the year. Any box can declare war in any way they choose.

On a side note, we do have Structura Body Therapies coming on the evening of the Throw-down and our top box will receive some awesome discounts from Structura.

Who should compete?

We welcome anyone who wants to attempt Open Workout 17.5 to join us this evening as we will run heats throughout the night. However, groups should be made up of people who are capable of doing most movements RX as we will not be able to score scaled movements and keep it fair. That doesn’t mean your newer athletes can’t participate. We will continue to run heats as stated above to give everyone an opportunity to do the workout that evening.  

It’s all about community!

As we know, Crossfit is all about community. Why not connect as a community outside of our box and get another chance to push just a little harder against other boxes and have some fun with people who enjoy and love Crossfit?!

Have we covered it all?

We sure hope so. This is meant to be a simple Throw-Down, not a large competition. So if we have missed a detail or you have any concerns or even suggestions on how this evening should go, please feel free to send them to:

We just want to have some fun! So join us.

How do you join?

Send us an email to the address listed above. We will want to know the following:

How many athletes you are anticipating to compete in your group.

How many athletes you will be bringing that will not be competing with a group. So we can determine heats.

If you have certified judges we can utilize for anyone who needs official scoring and how many.

ONE LAST THING and it involves food….

We know most boxes enjoy a little gathering after the final Open Workout so we are working on getting some food trucks to come this night. Just to give you an opportunity to mingle a little longer. We will update this information as we can.


Posted on: February 16, 2017admin