Thurs 01/19/12 WOD

As always the Mobilty wod is a good source to help prevent injuries and rehab past injuries.


Today’s episode is about shifting our thinking away from a reactive model of movement dysfunction to a little more sustainable way of thinking.  Athletes are stubborn “if it ain’t broke and I’m kicking your ass, don’t fix it” kind of people.   We are asking the  wrong questions.  We should not be asking, how good are you?  We should be asking, how much better can you be?  Minimizing movement variables, force dumps, and torque bleeds, is the same thing as protecting the athlete from injury.  The data sets are huge.  Run like a jackass, get hurt.  Pull with a crappy back position, get hurt.  Eventually.  And this is the problem with the reactive model, if we wait for pain or dysfunction to inform us that we need to change technique then we are being suckered out of finding out how much better we can be.  And, now we have to deal with that torn labrum or fried heel cord.  Sweet.  We have to few movement with a different lens.  Open circuit positions and over tensioned systems are the root cause of 98% of the problems that the typical athlete faces.   This means, that sore elbow from squatting and pullups? It’s a preventable disease


Run 10 min @ conversation pace


Run 30 sec @ 90%

Run 30 sec @ 50% x 8


Run 60 sec @ 90%

Run 60 sec @ 50% x 4


Run 90 sec @ 90%

Run 90 sec @ 50% x 2


Run/walk 5 min cool down


*If you missed any days Mon-Wed, make up one of those days instead.


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  1. O good!! I was really upset the power went out mid thruster!! Ha! Not… of course you’d find a way for us to make it up 🙂

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