Thurs 02/09/12 WOD

Will you be ready for these if we put them in a WOD??

If you haven’t notice the crossfit area is really crowded with the new programs we have for Football, Kids and Speed/Agility.  We will be expanding our area in the future but for now please be courteous to the other programs especially the kids, there attention span doesn’t last long so please hold off on your warm-up until they have completed their class.  Also please do not let your kids run around in the crossfit area at anytime.  Thanks



AMRAP in 15 min of:

3 Ground to Overhead- 75% of BW

6 Push-ups

9 Toes to Bar

*Ground to overhead you either snatch or clean & jerk.


ENDURANCE- pool 6am


10 x 25m; work rest 1:1, hold all splits between 2-3 seconds.


Games Prep- rest


02/08/12 WOD Results


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