Thurs 02/16/12 WOD

Doug has some hops!  It doesn’t show where he took off from but it was from the second pole in on the small pull-up bars and he lands on the box, impressive!  As many of you have seen we have now added sports specific conditioning at CFTC.  Emmett White a former USU All-American will be the head coach and will be working with both young and old athletes to prepare them for the next level for any sport.  The new expansion will be designed for development of athletes for their sport, if you have any future athlete that wants to increase their speed Emmett is the man!



A.  Close Grip Bench- 3,3,2,2,1,1,1; rest as needed

B1.  AMRAP Wall Ball- 1 attempt; rest 3 min

B2.  AMRAP Wall Ball- 1 attempt; rest 2 min

B3.  AMRAP Wall Ball- 1 attempt; score total from all three attempts


AMRAP in 10 min

7 Toes to Bar

7 Ring Push-ups



there will be no instructor for the swim today but you are welcome to go and do by yourself.

1600 m for time


Games Prep– rest!

02/15/12 WOD Results


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