Thurs 04/19/12 WOD

Three weeks ago Brook had a baby!

Sarah over half way with a new baby!

These women and all the other women that have been coming to Crossfit while pregnant and very soon after pregnancy are the definition of Strong.  Seeing these strong women yesterday has inspired me that all men today need to wear a weighted vest for the WOD!  Good Luck.



5 Rounds for time of:

Row 250 m

10 DB Hang Clean & Jerk- 25% of BW in each hand

15  Burpees

*Rest 3 min b/t rounds, each round should be max effort rounds.

*Weighted Vest Option- 20lb m/10lb w


ENDURANCE– meet at 6am in the pool.


04/18/12 WOD Results




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2 thoughts on “Thurs 04/19/12 WOD

  1. I told you guys my wife still kicks my a$$!

    Every time I don’t beat her at a WOD, I don’t get dinner. This makes the 30 day eating challenge real easy =P

  2. I shared a Sat WOD Sarah a few weeks ago …she is strong and gives it her all ! I think that baby might come out and be doing real “BURP- ees”.

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