Thurs 05/03/12 WOD

Class Schedule for the rest of the week:

Thurs- regular class times, no O-Lifting

Fri- 7, 9am & 5:15pm ONLY

Sat- 9am ONLY



Death by Box Jumps-24/20

Rest 5 min

Death by 10m

*Box Jumps- with a continuously running clock do 2 box jumps the first minute, 4 box jumps the second minute, 6 box jumps the third minute etc… continuing until you can no longer keep the reps within the minute.  When a person can no longer maintain the reps within the minute they must remain in Front Bridge position until the last person has finished.

*Death by 10m- with a continuously running clock do 1 run the first minute, 2 runs the second minute, 3 runs the third minute etc…until you can no longer maintain runs within the minute.


ENDURANCE- meet at 6am in the pool!  Friday’s Endurance will be cancelled, because your excellent trainer (Autumn) will be completing in the games this weekend.




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