Thurs 05/31/12 WOD

I’m pretty sure Crossfit had this figured out a long time ago using intervals like Tabata and high intensity anaerobic training, check it out.


A.  Bench Press- find 5RM, start at moderate load and add 5lbs until you can no longer complete all 5 reps.

B.  Accumulate 3 min in Rope Planks


For Time:

Run 400m

Row 800m

AD 1600m


ENDURANCE– meet at 6am in the pool.


05/30/12 WOD Results


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6 thoughts on “Thurs 05/31/12 WOD

  1. Awesome battle on this WOD between Lindsay and Manny during the 6AM class! That was fun to watch. They both FLEW!!

  2. There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition sometimes, I know that Manny is a cardio machine and I wanted to see if I could keep up. I recommend that sometimes grab someone and let them know its you and me, how fast are you??? and then 3-2-1 get after it..a lot of fun. Blake B your next!

  3. Blake B and Linds head to head on Linda, then Chase and Blake B on King Kong!! Sorry Juice but you have double duty!

  4. I think we’re onto something here. Head to head tournaments, draw pairings and workouts out of a hat, so it all depends on your matchup. Heck if I drew Manny on the Airdyne or anybody and filthy 50 I’d be out quick. I will open myself up to anybody that wants to go head to head on any workout, call me out, including Dirk on Backsquats/DL, Spencer on Nicole, Julie B. on the rower, even Hef on an online shopping wod. This could be fun.

    1. I like it. Although I’m not dumb enough to call Chase out unless its at a donut eating contest. I’ll start by calling out someone in the Boot Camp class! Honestly though, that was pretty amazing to watch this morning. Manny FLYING around the track and Lindsay’s skin turning green and his shirt ripping a little while he was rowing. Next time we’ll have to video it.

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