Thurs 06/28/12 WOD

We have been running our kids camp in 4 week blocks for the summer the last session will start on Monday July 9th.  It is fun to watch these young kids get so excited and rush in everyday to see the white board for their workout, maybe some of us need the same kind of attitude when we come (or not) to the gym.  Thanks for letting us teach your kids the proper way to exercise!



‘Annie on the Run”

For Time:

Run 800 m



Double Unders



Run 800 m


Cash Out


Flutter Kicks (4ct)

Leg Levers





ENDURANCE- meet at 6am in the pool.


06/27/12 WOD Results

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One thought on “Thurs 06/28/12 WOD

  1. Hey Linds! Will we ever do a pool WOD? I’m just sayin.. We are at the Club.. It makes our Box different than the others. Im totally in!!

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