Thurs 07/05/12 WOD

You do whatever it takes when you don’t have a gym nearby, while your kids sit on top of your head and eat that delicious sugary cereal.



12 min to establish a 1RM Press Cluster (Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk)


4 Rounds for total reps of:

4 min AMRAP of:

Run 155m

10 HR Push-ups

5 Strict Pull-ups


2 Minutes to Complete:

1 ME UB set of Front Squats

* You may begin the ME/UB set at any point in the 2 min.  If set only takes 30 sec. then the rest of the 2 min is rest.  Set is over when BB returns to floor,

Recommended Weight

Level I- 95/65

Level II- 115/85

Level III- 135/105

Level IV- 155/125



This is normally a rest day since we where closed yesterday a workout will be posted on small white board.


ENDURANCE- meet at pool at 6am



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