Thurs 08/23/12 WOD


Heats will start at 8am.


Team 1- Andy Meikle, Kim Meikle, Brook Fuit, Ryan Fuit

Team 2- Rick Shock, Mailee Shock, Sandy Jones, Dave Jones

Team 3- Crystal Gallagos, Shane Gallagos, Luis (brown boy) Lupe Gill

Team 4- Autumn Hawkins, Thomas Emenger, Ken Richey, Olivia Jorgensen

Team 5- Kristy Taylor, Josh Taylor, Maryann Wayment, Tyson Jenkins

Team 6- Shaylee Hoellin, James Reed, Kelly Crabtree, James Alspaugh

Team 7- Chandler Schlmeier, Gerrit Koer, Jill Spencer, Laurie Hawkins

Team 8- Brody Jerman, Time Schapiro, Heidi Sholley, Mindy Dixon

Team 9- Scott Clayson, Jeremy Ivie, Heidi Hawkins, Julie Boyer

Team 10- Tony Jackson, Dallas Sawyer, Mackenzie Jenkins, Jana Heywood

Team 11- AnnMarie Ballard, Johnny Ballard, Jacie Bailey, Dominic Dewitte

Team 12- Chris Perrins, Amber Goldsberry, Jonathan Schubert, Brook Millard

Team 13- Marie Hunter, Connie Martinez, Spencer Shelton, Jim Jenkins

Team 14- Jennica Cox, Jedd Farr, Charity Phillips, Mike Harvey

Team 15- Kris Hyde, Mackenzie Taylor, Kyle Smith, Ryan Dixon

Team 16- Sheena Hammer, Mindy Roberts, Casey Beebe, Matt Merrill



3 Rounds for total time of:

Row 800 m

Run 800 m

Run 400 m w/ Sandbag- 80/40

*Rest 3 min b/t rounds


O-LIFTING- tonight at 6:15


08/22/12 WOD Results



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5 thoughts on “Thurs 08/23/12 WOD

  1. Ah, team 12, a very good team. And, a team with a number which happens to be my favorite. So, from a numerology perspective (whatever that actually is), I think we have a real shot at finishing this thing.

  2. So I guess this means I really have to participate, I thought autumn was joking when she said she told lindsey I would do it…. Yikes!!!

  3. Who is RICK? Why is he on my team? And does he actually DO CrossFit? Haha just kidding, I love the husband/wife teams. This way he can just carry me, I can whine more since he’s use to it., And he will pay for dinner when its all over because I will not have kicked his butt. Smart move, Lindsay. No marital counselling needed….I hope!

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