Thurs 12/13/12 WOD


This is one of hundreds of videos that you can find on the Mobility WOD.  If you have never heard of the Mobility WOD I highly recommend that you check it out, this is one area of fitness that is neglected the most.  Anything that is bothering you or is preventing you from getting in better position you can find it here, search any category from Shoulder to Achilles click on the search MWOD on the right hand side of the blog.  Check it out...MOBILITY WOD.



5 Rounds for time of:

35 Double Unders

310 m Run (2 laps)



12/13/12 WOD Results


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6 thoughts on “Thurs 12/13/12 WOD

  1. Olympic lifting will be cancelled tonight. We need more people to take advantage of the Olympic
    Lifting class, what times would people like to see to add
    Another day for that class.

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