Thurs 12/29/11 WOD


I would like to say thank you to Lindsay and all the trainers at Crossfit The Club. My last 8 months have been the hardest mentally and physically demanding things I have ever been through. The USAF screens and trains over 1300 candidates annually, to attempt to to make it to “Team”. Only 42 made it through selection and only 21 graduated team 12-01. The basic movements and core strength that crossfit gives you, helped me in my day to day life in training. Whether it was hiking over Cedar Slash with 110lbs ruck for days, or chopping trees and carrying them for hundreds of yards on my shoulders, the hours of crossfit training paid off. Having the “never quit” attitude that Crossfit gives you helped push me through all the pain, cold ,hunger and the sleepless nights. Thinking of family and friends pushing me ever day in the gym, (even though you weren’t out in the field with me) I could hear your voice saying “just 1 more round, 1 more lap, 1 more rep” and that helped me more then you will ever know. So again, Thank you! Never stop crossfiting and never QUIT!

A1c Christopher Henry- SERE Specialist

Chris also has a WOD that he made up and wants us to do, with all that Chris went through in his training I don’t think he was in his right mind when he thought of it…I like it!  We will save that for a Saturday so we can have a team of two option for his workout.



For Time:

Run 465 m (3 laps)

21 Front Squats- 95m/65w

21 OH Walking Lunges- 45m/25w

21 SDHP- 95m/65w

Run 310 m (2 laps)

15 Front Squats

15 OH Walking Lunges


Run 155 m ( 1 lap)

9 Front Squats

9 OH Walking Lunges



CROSSFIT ENDURANCE- meet at 6 am in the pool!

All of our other classes at CFTC (o-lifting, CF Endurance ) are not additional fees, take advantage of them!  They are great classes to expand your technique and fitness.


12/28/11 WOD Results

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4 thoughts on “Thurs 12/29/11 WOD

  1. This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing. I too feel the same way about crossfit; only been doing it for 3 months but I have a new outlook on my physical & mental growth! Way to go! Congratulations A1c Christopher Henry- SER Specialist

  2. A1c Christopher Henry- SER Specialist Thank you for what you do for our country. It was great seeing you this last week! Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Congratulations Henry! You’ve always been impressive with your drive and determination. It obviously payed off again with this accomplishment. I couldn’t agree with you more about incorporating CrossFit’s fundamental teachings in your everyday life. It helps you in every way, shape, and form. Great to see you this week brotha! Until next time… Take care!

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