Tues 01/03/12 WOD

Another session of kids crossfit starts today.  We will have ages 5-7 yrs old at 4-4:30pm and ages 8-12 yrs old 4:30-5:15pm, every Tuesday and Thursday. The weather is cold, there is no snow, you better keep them off the couch get them to Kids Crossfit!




For Time:

500 m Row

*Rest as needed

A.  Close Grip Bench Press- build to a heavy single; rest as needed

B.  DB Press- 3 x max reps; shoot for 20+ reps per set

C1.  BB Rows- 10 challenging reps; rest 10 sec

C2.  Weighted Dips- 5-8 reps; rest 90 sec x 3


CF ENDURANCE- meet in the CF area at 5pm, bring your running shoes.


01/02/11 WOD Results


*We got 8 more pairs of women’s CFTC sweat pants today, anyone wants some let me know.



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