Tues 01/17/12 WOD

HEY!  Will you please take your water bottles home.  Who has a Bambi bottle anyway, and even worse a Utah Ute bottle.

Day 1 of clean eating challenge down, please be sure to score yourself on how your day was yesterday on the paleo white board.  Here is a reminder for the daily requirements and how the scoring works, you could score on a daily basis up to 7 points if you follow it perfectly.

Daily Requirements:
1.  Eat Real Food.
2.  Maintain a food log
3.  Record you daily scores on the Paleo Board
You will be required to keep track of your eating on the Paleo board.  Click Here For Paleo Journal Download.  From this log you will give yourself a score based on your compliance with the Paleo Diet.

Four Points: You are a hunter-gatherer.  You eat nothing but meat, veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds.

Three  Points: One time during the day, you had a little something that wasn’t paleo, but wasn’t horrible.
Examples:  Dried Fruit, Most Condiments (bbq, soy sauce, ketchup, mayo, salad dressing), Peanuts, Hummus, Cream in Coffee, etc…

Two Points: You slipped…but didn’t get hurt.  You had a small amount of “not real food”.  Maybe it was a fully Paleo day, but you couldn’t resist having a beer at the family BBQ, or you finished your kids mac ‘n cheese, but the rest of your day was solid.
Examples:  1 beer/glass of wine, dinner rolls, a handful of fries/chips, rice, etc…

One Point: Most of your day was Paleo, but there was one full meal that you fell off the wagon.
Examples:  Pasta, Pizza, more than one Soda/Juice/alcohol, bag of popcorn, etc…

Zero Points: You had a bad day and made more than one solid mistake.
Examples:  You had a couple slices of pizza and beer.

1.  You get one extra bonus point for everyday you participate in a CrossFit workout at CFTC.   We believe rewarding people for being at CFTC will serve two purposes.  First the more you are at the CrossFit the more support and exposure you will have during the Paleo Challenge.  Being around others that are going through the same experiences you are will enhance your chances of success.  Second, the benefits of Paleo are magnified when combines with training program that combines constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.  Train Hard.  Eat Clean.  Live Life.

2.  You can get an additional bonus point for every night you sleep more than eight hours.  Proper sleep has been associated with everything from faster recovery, better mental focus, to more HGH production.  We believe this is one of the greatest factors in improved health and want to reward those that are getting their sleep.

3. And yet another bonus point for taking 3 grams of fish oil. Fish oil is a significant source of the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These fatty acids improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. This enables an athlete to train harder and recover faster.



5 Rounds of:

7 Push Jerks- challenging load

15 COVP Pull-ups (no butterfly)

*Rest 4 min b/t sets


Row Sprints:

25 sec sprint

Rest 2:35 x 5

*Score load used and max meters.


Predicted VO2Max Chart.  Go to level completed and find out VO2Max, then click VO2 max normative data tables on top to see where you are at, click here.

01/16/12 WOD Results



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