Tues 02/14/12 WOD

Today marks the 30th day of the Clean Eating Challenge.  Make sure that you have marked all of your points on the paleo board, you will not need to keep track of your daily points for the last 15 days of the challenge.  Feel free to add back in some of those things you have left out of your diet for the last 30 days.  Take note of  how your body reacts to those foods, grains, dairy.  The last day of the challenge will end Wednesday, Feb. 29th.  We will retake measurements and body fat at that time.  Good luck and finish strong!


Don’t be like my son with the chocolate when no one is watching, now that you can add back some of the things you have been missing.


3 Rounds of:

20 unbroken Box Jump- you choose the height

20 unbroken Pull-ups

*Walk rest 3 min b/t sets


5 min Max Cal Row


ENDURANCE- 5pm in cf area


02/13/12 WOD Results


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