Tues 02/28/12 WOD

We will be taking post 45 Day Clean Eating Challenge weigh-ins and measurements during the following times:

Wed-8am, 11am & 5pm

Thurs- 8am & 9am

If you cannot make any of those times let me know and we can make arrangements.



A. 15 min Snatch technique work- focus on bar path and footwork. Bar should be as close to the body as possible throughout the entire lift.  Work on technique not load.

B1. TGU- 3 x 3 (each arm) medium/heavy; rest 60 sec

B2. Toes to bar- 3 x 10 AFAP; rest 60 sec


3 Rounds for time of:

Run 465 (3 laps)

Row 465

20 KBS- 53/35


02/27/12 WOD Results


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