Tues 05/01/12 WOD

Not even an IV can slow this man on a mission down to get back to Crossfit. Nice work Scot, I hope there isn’t any treats in that bag!?


A. Snatch (full)- 5 x 3 @ 70%; rest 60 sec.


4 Rounds for total reps

3 min AMRAP of:

30 OHS-65/45

30 Double Unders

*Rest 2 min b/t rounds

ENDURANCE– Tuesday 5pm endurance will be cancelled for the summer.

04/30/12 WOD Results

Anyone that ordered or wanted a turquoise CFTC shirt I will have with me tomorrow at crossfit. All the other shirts should be done any day now.

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7 thoughts on “Tues 05/01/12 WOD

  1. You’re not fooling anyone Scot. If you want to buy and wear a man purse, just do it. No need to pretend it’s an IV.

  2. First rule of Crossfit The Club. Make sure that your purse matches your outfit. Actually, I saw how Dirk and Blake Keyes always brought that special medicine in syringes that they would inject before each workout and they are really strong, so I thought that I should bring my own medicine with me too. I hope I become as strong as them one day.

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