Tues 05/15/12 WOD

Thank you Brody and Sun Hills for a great CFTC Golf Tournament.  Not the best golfers in the world but we looked good doing it!




For Time:

Row 1K

50 Thrusters

30 Pull-ups


*Rest 5 min


For Time:

Run 800 m

50 Wall Balls

25 Strict Pull-ups


05/14/12 WOD Results



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6 thoughts on “Tues 05/15/12 WOD

  1. Cathy – are you just showing off the happy Gilmore swing that we all wanted to try but were to afraid to!?! You Rock!!

  2. I got a kick out of this picture! There should have been a best swing award for you! You’re awesome, Cathy 🙂

  3. Several thoughts come to mind when I look at this action packed photo:
    1. Watch out Tiger!
    2. You all thought Corey was the “A -list” golfer on our team. Send in the Ace!
    3. I could have kicked the ball farther than I hit it.
    4. Who says I haven’t been working on my pistols.
    5. Mr. Myagi has taught me the “Crane” move and I tried to incorporate it into my golf swing. (Karate Kid)
    6. Maybe “Dancing with the Stars” will call me for an audition.
    7. I should have golfed left handed.
    8. I think I found a sport that I am worse at than Crossfit!

    Thank you Brody and Sun Hills. It was a great day!! Thank you to my partners – – Rick, Stacy and Corey – – for putting up with my complete lack of golf skills!

  4. Thanks everyone for the great turnout. The real thanks goes to Justin and all who donated… Lindsay and CFTC, Travis and the OAC, Maurizzio and La Ferrovia, John Hyde, Brock Thurgood, WOD Love. Cathy you look fantastic, but we all know you are actually throwing your club in that photo.

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