Tues 06/05/12 WOD

We will be changing up our kids programs this summer from what we have done in the past.  This time around there will be multiple trainers working with the different age groups and a kids Games at the end of every 4 week session, where parents can come and watch the progress of their children.  We are looking forward to an exciting summer, so get your kids off the couch and moving this summer sign-up today!


A.  Back Squat- 1x 8@65%, 1×8@70%, 1×5@80%, 1×5@85%; based off of last weeks 3RM.  If you missed that day establish a 3RM today.


4 Rounds for time of:

Run 400m

30 Anchored Sit-ups- hands on head

15 Dead lifts


Recommended Weight

Level I- 135/85

Level II-185/115

Level III- 225/155



I think there was some confusion today as to what is the Strength WOD.  What we will be doing in the SWOD is a lot more barbell work- Cleans, Snatches, Jerks etc. and all the conditioning will be under 12 minutes.  I am always asked how do you get stronger, well here ya go, Stronger=move weights faster/times get better.  This is not intended to jump back and forth between WOD and SWOD commit to one or the other, one workout is not better then the other the SWOD will just be more Strength Biased.  All workouts will be posted on the small white board.


06/04/12 WOD Results



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