Tues 06/19/12 WOD

He’s a beast check out how Manny did at the St. George Triathlon http://www.thespectrum.com
Great job Manny!



A.  Back Squat-3 x 5 @75%, 2 x 5 @80%; rest 2-3 min

*percentages based off of the your 3RM


For Time:

155m Farmer Carry- heavy as possible




Box Jumps- 30/24


155m Farmers Carry


Recommended Weight

Level I- 95/65

Level II- 115/85

Level III- 135/95

Level IV-155/105



Will be posted on small white board, vertical cleans similar to yesterdays vertical snatch.





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8 thoughts on “Tues 06/19/12 WOD

  1. I liked how they called you the “muscular” runner. That has to be because of CrossFit!! 😉 1st place, not too shabby!!

  2. Thanks CF peeps!! The journalist was a newbe I think. I blew a turn on the bike off the highway into the neighborhood and got passed and had to catch up. I actually beat 2nd by about 90 seconds, it wasn’t a 2 second sprint to the finish. I gave CF The Club mad props but he didn’t print any of that. I seriously think the core strength that CF is developing in me is contributing HUGE to my swimming, biking and running. Thanks again!!

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