Wed 02/01/12 WOD

Mike flailing around in pain after yesterday’s workout.

Walt comforting Mike….awkward!


A. Hang Power Clean- build to a tough single in 5 sets

B. Hang Power Clean- 85% of A. single every 20 sec for 6 min




Double Unders


CF ENDURANCE WOD (class at 9am today)
15-200m Repeats w/ weighted vest
2 min rest b/t repeats

Games Prep

Will be posted on the small white board.

If there is anybody interested in competing in the CF Games Open starting Feb 22, we will be having a meeting after the last WOD on Saturday at 10:30. If you have just a little bit of interest please come, we need as many CFTC athletes as possible signing up and representing CFTC to the world. The fee is for sign-up is just $10, there will be one workout released every week for 6 weeks. Check out the Crossfit Games site for more details and we will see you on Saturday.

01/31/12 WOD Results

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6 thoughts on “Wed 02/01/12 WOD

  1. After pull ups yesterday and cleans last week.. My hands and sternum need a break. OUCH!! Great workout both days. Thanks Linds!!

  2. Celeste we have the cf lite mon-tues-thurs @ 6am. On a side note Annie record has been smashed by 40 sec by Marie. Come on guys show your skillz

  3. I want to thank James for my awesome jump rope and Lindsey for always posting the WODs. My little guy is sick so I wasn’t able to make CF tonight. I did the WOD at home with my sleek jump rope. Working on my double unders has been a challenge but I made a point this eve to only count them. Needless to say it took forever to finish my WOD. Missed being there!!

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