Wed 02/08/12 WOD

I have had several people wanting me to make another Progenex order, if you would like me to order you some please post to comments or let me know.

Some of you remember Chris from Muscle Works, he came several times last year and helped with a few peoples injuries.  He is now back since the NFL season is over and will be here Friday if anybody is interested in scheduling an appointment.



A. Press x 1/Push Press AMRAP; rest 5 min x 3

B.  Ring Dips 3 x max reps; rest as needed



3 Rounds of:

400 m Run (3,2,3 laps)

21 KB Swings-53m/35w

12 Pull-ups




5 min on/2:30 off

6 min on/3:00 off

7 min on/3:30 off


Games Prep- will be posted on white board, Thursday off




02/07/12 WOD Results




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  1. hope this is not too late–and don’t mention this to niel, cause its for his upcoming birthday. i guess he would like a chocolate recovery and perhaps a vanilla one too… does one taste better than the other? Thanks.

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