Wed 02/22/12 WOD

Happy Birthday Shay!



A.  Power Clean- 2 tough reps on the minute for 6 min- add per set


5 Rounds of:

5 DB Hang Squat Cleans- 20% BW

5 Burpee Broad Jumps

30 Double Unders

* Rest 2 min b/t rounds


ENDURANCE– meet in CF area  at 9am


Now this is what I’m talkin about CFTC athletes steppin up and trying something new!  Now you just need to upload some pictures to your profiles.

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12 thoughts on “Wed 02/22/12 WOD

  1. Thanks! Not sure how the hell this picture surfaced, but I guess I couldn’t keep it hidden forever. Ha ha. Everyone has an awkward phase… this was in the prime of mine.

  2. Happy B-Day Shay from Keylee and I! Keylee and I just love working out with you, even though you have ditched us for the evening classes these days! Hope your day is great!

  3. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! They were so nice and thoughtful. And thanks to Dirk Keyes for the picture. He is on my shit list.

  4. Shay,
    I cant believe you would accuse me of such a thing. plus that is not nearly as bad as old cheer-leading pictures.
    Happy B Day!!!

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