Wed 04/11/12 WOD

Airdynes, Love them or Hate them?  Doesn’t matter you are still going to do them anyway, but I’d like to know.



5 Rounds for time of:

Run 310 m (weather depending, could be outside)

10 Games Standard KBS (vertical KB)- 70/53

15 Burpees

*Rest 2 min b/t rounds


ENDURANCE- meet at 9am in the cf area.


04/10/12 WOD Results


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14 thoughts on “Wed 04/11/12 WOD

  1. Evil finally has a name… Also, by workout #2, Lindsay figured out that combining the AD with box jumps is hilarious!

  2. They look innocent-like the bikes upstairs people sit and read books on! Then you get on them and want to die!!!

  3. Hate. But then again, I hate most everything we do Lol!! My April resolution is to be more optimistic!! Here goes..
    I LOVE the ad bikes! Especially watching Jana do her last minute of the 10 minutes of heaven!!!

  4. I’m an experienced mountain biker and still think the airdynes suck! The evil thing about them is the faster you go the harder the resistance gets. Just like driving faster on the freeway kills your fuel efficiency going faster on the airdyne increases your likelihood to vomit =X.

    In all seriousness though people need to make sure they get their seat heights right. You can really jack up your quads/hamstrings/knees if the seat is too low/high. I had an unpleasant experience with this early this season when changing bikes.

    There is a quick way to check this:

    -During normal pedaling cycles you put the pedal spindle underneath (or close) to the ball of your foot. Slide your foot forward so your heel is now on the spindle (basically your toes are now hanging off the front of the pedal.)

    -Make one pedal cycle like this and stop one of your legs at the bottom of the stroke. Your leg and knee joint should be fully extended at this point.

    -Now slide your feet back to normal pedal position. At the bottom of the stroke your leg needs to have very slight bend in it. You should not feel like you are reaching to much with your toe, but you should still be able to extend your quad a decent amount.

    The downside to the airdynes is they only have fixed pin positions on the seat heights.. Luckily we won’t be riding them for more than 10 minutes.. ever.. RIGHT LINDSAY??

  5. HATE those evil ugly things..not even a hint of optimism ( like Mindi) . How about an option like either the bike x 3 min or run yourself into the cement wall x3…. I’d take the wall.

    Seriously can we have an option? PLEASE!

  6. I don’t hate the bikes any more than I hate everything else we do in crossfit…which means I hate it while I’m doing it and when I’m done I say “well that wasn’t so bad”.

  7. I may be wrong D, but I have a feeling you just challenged Lindsay to incorporate more than 10 minutes into a WOD! I

  8. Man… why don’t these comments have an EDIT function!!

    As soon as I hit submit, I realized I may have sealed my own fate. =X

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