Wed 05/09/12 WOD















Crystal has never attempted Heaving Snatch Balance and she made 120# look easy!



A.  1 x 20 Back Squat

*This should be a maximal unbroken set.  If you completed all 20 reps last week add approximately 5% this week.  If you where close to completing all 20 reps (15-19) use the same weight.  If you weren’t close (10-14) take off 5%

B1.  4 x 3 Strict Pull-ups + ME Kipping Pull-ups; rest 60 sec.

B2.  4 x 250 m Hill Sprint; rest 60 sec.- this should be an all out effort, no pacing!


ENDURANCE– meet at 9am in the CF area.


05/08/12 WOD Results




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9 thoughts on “Wed 05/09/12 WOD

  1. I am going put an order in for Progenex this week if anybody wants some be sure to sign the order sheet on the Progenex stand.

    I am seriously debating of not posting the wods, to many people pick and choose what they want to do, what the hell! I thought you are crossfitters and we love any challenge. Get your butt to cf no excuses!

  2. I seriously had an all night adventure involving a sick dog, and defending Kellies ducks from a raccoon attack. Seriously!

    1. BUT… As ridiculous as that all sounds, and as Justin M. put it “sounds like the opening to a good joke”, I still made it today so no excuses people. Standard WODs all the time isn’t 100% constantly varied. Days like today make you stronger for the WOD. This back squat thing is working for me BIG TIME. Feels good! Plus, if it’s just WODs people want, be ready to take whatever Lindsay dishes out. He’ll do Hero WODs every day for two weeks and you know it. You’ll be begging to run that hill by the time he’s done with you. I’ve said my piece and now back to work. Marie, maybe it’s time we start a neighborhood watch. If Kellie looses 4 more birds she’ll be devastated. She’ll come home with an emu… Something that can’t fly and probably eats raccoons for breakfast.

      Just play’en Kellie… I love you 🙂

  3. Lindsay, I would like some More Muscle please and thank you. Brody we have had raccoons in our backyard too!! They live in the field right behind our houses, I feel your pain!!! And Crystal that is amazing 120 heaving snatch!!! Way to Go!!!!

  4. I was very very sad to miss the hill runs today AND the back squats! And to prove it I’ll just do today’s wod tomorrow! Who needs ohs and double unders!! 😉 no really, please don’t think I ever pick and choose. If I can get there, I do! But I do like knowing the wod ahead of time since I have certain outfits for certain workouts:) please don’t take that away!!!

  5. If you DO take away the advance notice on the WODs, just let us know if they include any kind of jumping so us ladies can make sure to wear our depends!

  6. So sorry to miss the hill sprints. I hope we’ll do it again soon – with vests. Seriously… This is one of the most challenging things CF can throw at me and at the end of the day, it’s the challenge that makes it fun and worth doing. If not I might as well go do Zumba.

  7. Not gonna lie… i totally wussed out on the hill runs. I tortured myself monday with a 9 mile run training for the lame half marathon and my legs couldn’t run yet. That workout looked awesome… sorry I missed the challenge.

  8. I saw (the wod) , I came, I conquered (or at least my beard did ;)), and u hated every second of it. But I did it and will not shy away from a challenge, no matter how much I’d like to.

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