Wed 06/06/12 WOD

One thing that I need to do a better job at is sharing all the success stories I see everyday in Crossfit and what really makes my job fun.  I remember five months ago when a young kid named Conlin came to me with his Mom and told be he wanted to get started in Crossfit.  Conlin is only 14 years old but he stands about 6’2″ and at the time weighed 241lbs, he told me he wanted to get in better shape for football and lose a little of that baby fat.  Well, five months later he has been one of the most committed kids that we have, coming 5x per week and always listening and working on his technique.  Now just take a look at him now, down 41lbs in five months and on his way to dominating the competition.  Nice job Conlin, I am proud of all the hard work you put in everyday, I can’t wait to see what the changes are like when you turn 18!





AMRAP in 20 min of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



Will be posted on the white board, be prepared for some MU’s & Snatch


ENDURANCE- meet at 9am in the CF area.


06/05/12 WOD Results



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7 thoughts on “Wed 06/06/12 WOD

  1. Yes, I love crossfit! Crossfit at the oac has such a positive atmosphere and keeps you motivated through tough workouts. That before picture was taken right after football season was over. I thought that I as in great shape and I wanted to stay active and keep in shape for the next football season to come, ( because working out with the football team, just benching and back squats weren’t cutting it ) and I knew crossfit was the best answer to stay in shape, but after doing the first week of crossfit I had came to the realization that I wasn’t in great shape, and needed to be commited to this program 100% to get the results that I want. My parents have been a huge help with supporting me though this process. Yes I have came along way doing crossfit but my journey isn’t over quit yet ( If I keep this up I do wonder what I’ll look like when I turn 18). Thanks for recognizing my weight loss! Crossfit has really had a great impact on my life.

  2. That is so amazing.. I remember when you told me you were 14. My mouth dropped. You are such and amazing young adult. You are so polite and such a great person. Im so glad I get to work out with you. I have seen you progress and it is awesome. Keep it up!!

    Hey Linds… send me that email

  3. I love to see drive and determination in people, and you’ve definitely got it Conlin. I read a post on Facebook the other day (can’t remember where) and it said “Desire is 90% of CrossFit results, programming is 10%”. Although I think programming is very important, Desire IS a huge part of it. You have to want it! Keep it up Conlin!

  4. Great job buddy. I remember your first week of crossfit, I asked Lindsay who the strong big was, and I was convinced you’de be able to move some weight, I had no idea you were 14 at that point. Very inspiring to see young people goIng outside their comfort zones and pushing themselves to be better. One thing I love about you is your desire to want to learn to do the movements correctly, with young people it’s often hard to teach the importance of technique, but you seem very eager to learn to do it right. I didn’t realize you had changed as much as you have but you look great. Keep it up bud.

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