Wed 06/27/12 WOD




A.  Close Grip Bench Press- 5 x 2, build to a heavy double quickly.


For Time:

Row 500 m



Ring Dips

Power Cleans- 70% of 1RM


AD 1600 m



Make sure when it says heavy you use the heaviest possible load for all recommended sets.  Some days you may feel better then the next but make sure there are not a lot of failed reps, if you get to heavy to fast stay at that load for the remainder of the sets.  When your lifting to get stronger you don’t want a gradual climb in loading that starts too light and ends too light, with only 1 or 2 legitimately heavy sets.  This is max effort work and it’s designed to either be at or very close to maximal load on all sets.


06/26/12 WOD Results


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