Wed 10/17/12 WOD

One of the coolest pictures I have ever gotten.  Angel’s husband, SSgt. Larsen, Camp Leatherneck- Helmand Providence Afghanistan.



A.  15 min to establish a 1RM Split Jerk- end of 3 week wave, go as heavy as possible.



For Time:

155 m Sandbag Zercher Carry-80/40

15 Dead lift

30 Slam Ball-30/20

155 m Farmers Carry- 2 x 70/53

12 Dead lift

20 Slam Ball

155 m Sandbag Zercher Carry

9 Dead lift

10 Slam Ball

155 m Farmers Carry


Recommended Weight

Level I- 155m/115w

Level II- 205m/155w

Level III- 265m/185w



10/16/12 WOD Results



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