Wed 10/31/12 WOD

End of 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge, for those of you that can not make it in the morning you will be able to make it up Thursday.  Because of Halloween the OAC will be closing early and we will only be holding the morning classes today.

Also, ever wonder what people from Farr West, that have no friends… and are nerds, do on a Friday night???

Happy Birthday Kellie and Amber!!!  Amber… you got off easy.



“Sugar Free with Marie”

For Time:


Cal Row




Power Clean-95/65

Wall Ball-20/15 (10’/9′)


Compare to 10/05/12 Results


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9 thoughts on “Wed 10/31/12 WOD

  1. I’ve always wondered why fashion trends forced those type of jeans out……….they were so form fitting and HOT!!!! Holy sh#% that was hilarious!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ladies! Awesome dance moves Kellie! Amber, where is your teen dream video? There has to be one out there. Enjoy!

  3. Nobody else could ever be as cool as Kellie is….naturally! Kellie, I love you, have an awesome Bday! Amber, you too. I hope you both take some time for yourselves today.

  4. Glad to know Amber that there is another witch at the club… Happy birthday. And now to my hubby and Lindsay both of you are going down. I was going to be nice but not any more. Any picture or incriminating evidence the two of you have out there I promise I will find it…:) and expose everything.

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