Wed 12/05/12 WOD

Love this quote on Strength first website.

You can be anything you want. A warrior. An athlete. A hard man or woman ready to handle whatever life throws at you. But you must be strong first.

“Strength is the foundation for development of the rest of physical qualities,” stated Professor Leonid Matveev. It takes priority over all others: endurance, flexibility, etc.

Until one becomes “entry level strong,” e.g., a strict body weight military press for men or strict pull-ups for women, no priority other than strength can be justified for a healthy athlete. Science and experience have taught us that any athlete, even in ultra-endurance sports, who has not built a foundation of strength will fail to reach his or her potential. Strength has been compared to a glass that can be filled with other qualities; the larger the glass, the more endurance, sport skill, fat loss, etc. it can hold.

Be what you choose to be, but be strong first.



A.  6 x 3 Bench Press @ 85% of 1RM (5% heavier then last week); rest 45 sec.



AMRAP in 15 min of:

8 Ring Dips

10 Burpees- jump and touch 6″above max reach

12 BB OH Walking Lunges-95/65

*Scaling options will be posted on the Lite WOD



A.  3 x 15 DB Rows- Heavy as possible


12/04/12 WOD Results



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