What is CrossFit? I’ll tell you!

“What is CrossFit?”  You see this posted to every CrossFit affiliate website and random CrossFit Facebook Page, and trust me I get it.  You have to sell it and inform the masses of what it is and what it has to offer.  Unfortunately I have yet to see a description or video that truly delivers a solid explanation of CrossFit.  They all seem to have the same message.  A dull and straight to the point definition consisting of “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at high intensity”.   Yes, technically that’s what it’s been known as and I’m sure Reebok is petitioning Webster’s this very moment to get that printed in the next edition.  Of course they’ll find a way to rephrase it a bit so the Reebok name is in there as well.  The reason I bring this topic to light, is that I truly believe there is so much more to it than a simple technical description.  Simply put, it changes you.

I don’t want to bore you with my entire CF history, so here’s my profile in a nutshell.  I’m three years in. I enjoy the competitive sports atmosphere and I’ll probably be doing it until the day I die.  The last part became obvious when I spent an entire summer constructing my own outdoor CF area complete with pull up bar, weight platform, 24”/30” box jump, and 20’ rope climb.  It’s likely my neighbors think I’m either insane, or I’m a golf course superintendent who trains for top secret government missions on the weekends.  People can view me in any way they want to in regards to my backyard playground.  My only concern with it is that my Fran time gets lower and PR’s continue to be broken.

Now that you have an idea of my CF background, let me get back to the point at hand.  CrossFit changes you.  You stop viewing it as just a workout.  It becomes a life changing experience.  You realize there is more to the gym than wandering from machine to drinking fountain to machine again.  Your eating habits change and your mental capabilities seem to strengthen along with your physical abilities.  You start to crave a good challenge because you know the feeling of accomplishment and success after a WOD and you want more.  You’re now a part of a community of creative, strong, intelligent individuals and you’re all in it together.  Look at the list below.  Does this sound like you?

  • Stay up later than usual, just so you can see tomorrows WOD
  • Lie in bed awake for another hour fearing, yet at the same time excited for the WOD
  • Spend your day either at home or work searching the web for CF articles and video just so you can waste even more time sharing it with your friends on Facebook
  • Texting others throughout the day so you can discuss all things CF
  • When it comes time to buy a gift for a friend, spouse, or relative, the first thing you think of before you come to your senses is “I wonder if they would like a new rope or some oly-shoes?”
  • Every recipe you have becomes modified to make it Paleo, or you find a way to incorporate Progenex into it.
  • You’ve now gotten used to the look that others that don’t CF give you when they see more scrapes and rope burns on your shins because you simply don’t care anymore.  Quite frankly you like the way they accent the open wounds on your hands.  You know, the same ones you shared a picture of on your Facebook wall.
  • You find yourself searching for every Triathlon, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Dirty Dash competition out there, so you can have yet another reason to showcase your CF skills.  Box jumping on your desk for coworkers to impress them has lost its luster.

Planning vacations always seems to start with finding the nearest CF box to your hotel.  If that’s not available, you always make sure to take a photo of yourself doing a handstand or standing just right in the photo so it looks as if you are lifting something outrageously heavy.

If you answered yes to even a few of these, then you realize CF is not just a workout.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s not just functional movements performed at high intensity.  It’s an awakening.  You’ll find out a lot about yourself and what you are capable of.  You’ll constantly strive to improve.  Some WOD’s try to destroy you and you may feel defeated…  But only for a moment.  Quitting is NOT an option and failure is unacceptable.  You’ll soon be back to redeem yourself.  Spoiler Alert:  YOU WILL redeem yourself!  To me, that’s “What CrossFit is”.


~  Brody J.

Posted on: March 13, 2012admin

10 thoughts on “What is CrossFit? I’ll tell you!

  1. “Simply put, it changes you.” Well said, Brody. I couldn’t think of a better ‘definition’ of CrossFit if I tried. Great start to this blog!

  2. Amazing job putting that together! I love getting people sucked into crossfit so that they can fully understand my “craziness”.

  3. Very true! I find it an ongoing trend to do HSPU anywhere on vacation. Josh and I have followed that trend…more than once! Burying his head in sand was not enough! And now I go to bed too! 🙂

  4. Fantastic description! Only being in CrossFit almost 6 months, everything you said is true for me. Jumping on the children’s desks (I’m a teacher) however is not to my ability yet. I feel it runs through my blood. I am always thinking about the next WOD and totally bummed if something gets in the way of it. The Club feels like part of my home. i yearn to go there with fear and butterflies in my stomach. I loved this post Brody! Thanks.

  5. I am guilty of pretty much all the above. But what a great thing to be obsessed with something that makes you better. Great post Brady.
    You guys are killing it in the Open. I miss sweating with all you fine people.

  6. Thanks to everyone! @ Bruce: So true! If I have to be addicted to something, I’m glad it’s something that improves my life.

  7. Love it! And i agree with all of it, you’re a great writer, now who’s going to top that post?! You set the bar pretty high… as usual.. 🙂

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