Why Am I Drinking All of this WATER!!!!!

Here are some quick bullet points as to WHY we should drink water.

Drink your water to lose your fat!!!

Your muscles are made up of 75% water your brain is made up of 80% water. So naturally your muscles and your brain are going to function better the more water you have in your body.

When your fat cells are hydrated they are more prone to be utilized.

Water is an appetite suppressant. So drink up!! Sometimes we think we are hungry when actually we are thirsty. SO – hunger could mean thirst. When you get a craving drink your water first. Try to drink 8 oz. before a meal to help with portion control.

Organs function much better when they are hydrated, especially our liver. A hydrated liver means an efficient liver.  Our liver is where the oxidation of fat occurs. If your liver is not functioning properly or is not hydrated all of the healthy fats we are trying to eat are not going to be processed the way they need to be.

Sometimes it may be a little hard to drink all of this water, so try squeezing a lemon or a lime into your water. This will alkalize the water and improve your fat burning capability.  Here is another quick tip, buy a bunch of lemons from CostCo. or Sam’s. When you get home squeeze them into ice cube trays and freeze the juice. Then you have lemon cubes to put in your water. YUM!

If your body is not ready to intake this much water simply because you haven’t been drinking enough water you may experience bloating. If this happens you may need to decrease your water intake until your body becomes used to it.  This will be something you will have to experiment with on your own to find out how much water your body can handle. But remember more is better.

When your body is hydrated and your liver is functioning at an efficient rate you will lose fat!!! And your cells will work at an optimum level.  I don’t know about you but I like the idea of my cells working at an optimum level.

You will know when you are hydrated when your urine is a nice clear color. And you are using the restroom often!!  For all of you mothers , remember on days we do double-unders to drink your water after you work out.

Who knew just a few glasses of water a day could do so many wonderful things for our body!!!


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