Aaron (AJ) Whipple

Aaron (AJ) Whipple


Squat: 475 lbs

Deadlift: 505 lbs

Snatch: 265 lbs

Clean: 315 lbs

CrossFit Games Individual Masters Quarterfinals Qualifier


CrossFit level 2 Certification

CrossFit level 1 Certification

Parisi Speed Coach Certification

About Coach

Growing up in Southern Utah doing all things outdoors involving Biking, Running, Climbing, and Camping created a desire to do all things physically active. Played all sports in high school from wrestling, track & field, and football eventually playing collegiate football at Dixie State (Utah Tech) University with a major in Business Administration. After finishing football in Utah I began participating in Crossfit in '09 while living in Florida and instantly fell in love creating a new passion.

Turning Point

Being bullied as a big overweight kid forced me to have a continual chip on my shoulder to pursue physically active sports and continually try and improve and learn to always better myself in any situation and not give up.

Motivation & Passion

After seeing how great physical activity can teach by overcoming not only physical but mental obstacles I want to share and help others grow and realize physical activity has far-reaching aspects in all forms of life, not only physical. Love to see that "aha" moment in one's eyes when they have pr'd or have a great start to their day in hopes of making their time at the gym the highlight of their day.

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