Meg Fogg

Meg Fogg


Deadlift 285#

100 unbroken wallballs

5:28 Annie

100 day burpee challenge


CrossFit Level 1

BS in Human Performance and Health

Level 3 Ski Instructor

About Coach

My entire life has been about being active - sports, running, skiing, climbing, biking, backpacking. There wasn't a sport I didn't try, and most of them I loved. I love to share that experience with others and found that teaching and coaching not only brings others to the activities that I love, but it also improves my own experiences. Through long mountain expeditions, I learned fortitude and endurance. By being a ski instructor, I learned about technique and movement. Being a CrossFit coach means I get to take all of those skills, add in competition, and it's the perfect way to round out being an overall athlete.

Turning Point

As a born natural athlete, there wasn't much my body and mind couldn't do quickly. Being active my entire childhood and into my 20s meant that I always had an athletic build. I went through the progress of life, getting older, having kids, working a desk job. After my second baby, my body just didn't bounce back to what I was expecting. I had to fight against the rigors of a lifetime, energy, priorities, and motivation - to get to the gym. CrossFit brought accountability, competition, variety, and high intensity into my workout needs. Life continued to throw me curve balls that would knock me off my game. I got laid off, my kids were getting to ages that required more attention, and my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Though I still went to the gym, I wasn't focusing the rest of my day to taking care of myself, mentally or physically. When I faced the year of turning 40, I was heavier and more out of shape than I had ever been. I made a New Year's goal to be in the best shape of my life on my birthday in April. I focused on mental health, nutrition, mobility, accountability, and my goals. I was able to accomplish my goal and then some! Out of that experience, I decided to get my CrossFit Level 1 and share my passion with others as a coach.

Motivation & Passion

I want other people to feel good about the body they are in. I want them to think of the skills they learned in CrossFit when they have to accomplish a hard task unexpectedly. I want to share with them the accomplishment of lifting the heaviest weight of their life. I want them to walk out of the gym every day feeling like they did something good for themselves. I want people to know that they can do hard things if they put their minds to it and are open to learning along the way.

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