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Nutrition Coaching

Are you tired of working out and not looking like you work out? Or maybe you are just getting started with your health and fitness journey and have no clue where to begin! Forever Fit Nutrition has teamed up with Crossfit the Club are here to help you achieve your health and wellness goals through personalized or group nutrition coaching.

Our coaching program is based on a personalized approach, which means we take the time to understand your unique goals, lifestyle, health concerns and dietary preferences.

Our nutrition coaching program is designed to help you:

  • Achieve your health and wellness goals, such as weight loss, improved energy, better digestion, or reduced inflammation so that you can feel amazing from the inside out!
  • Develop healthy eating habits that are sustainable and enjoyable so that you can live the forever fit life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Learn how to make healthier food choices, even when eating out or on-the-go so that you’re never left guessing if you’re halting your progress.
  • Understand how to balance your meals and snacks to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs and support your workouts!
  • Develop a positive relationship with food and your body so that you feel amazing and confident in your own skin!

We offer a variety of coaching packages to fit your needs and budget. One on one and group coaching is available! So whether you want to do this on your own or grab a few friends along for the ride we are ready to help you achieve optimal health!

Contact us today to schedule a strategy call so we can take a deeper dive into your goals and get you on the right track! We look forward to helping you on your journey to better health!

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Contact Us For More Info

Trusted and loved by hundreds of athletes and coaches throughout the Weber, Davis and Morgan County areas

Conveniently located lower Uintah where Hwy 89 and I84 intersect at the base of Weber Canyon

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit The Club is located and easily accessible from all of Weber, Davis and Morgan Counties.

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6671 S. 2500 E. Unit A, Uintah, UT 84405
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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

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